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ZB-200I/200II chopping machine

  • Capcity: 100-140kg(one time)
  • Power: 62.27kw
  • Voltage:
  • Ports:
  • Size: 2480×2080×1950mm
  • Payment:

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  • ZB-200I/200II chopping machine
■ Application and Features

 The machine has a knife shaft speed, high power, cutting and emulsifying effect, processing of raw materials wide range of features. Not only can cut and emulsify all
kinds of meat can also be cut and emulsify skin, tendons and other coarse collagen fibers and composite materials. The machine uses an advanced control technology, safe,
reliable, easy maintenance, display control function is complete. Its motor has a starting torque, high insulation levels, overload performance, especially suitable for
frequent start working environment features. This knife chopping machine at any velocity, can play the most powerful driving force, and save you even more power loss, the
aircraft can join in a vacuum CO2 or N2 chopping material by vacuum chopping machine chopping of materials can improve yield, reduce air bubbles, enhance flexibility, and
fully extract protein, so that the material be fully integrated with the accessories and water, emulsifying effect, to ensure optimum product quality. But also for your
supply grid does not have any current impact. Automatic monitoring, reducing the operator's work intensity and improve the monitoring of the accuracy of the product. Work
order software program control execution, greatly reducing the failure rate of the device hardware, making maintenance more convenient.

Main components; (All models matching frequency, man-machine interface control)
1. whole body made of high quality stainless steel, durable, easy to clean.
2. temperature, time, number of revolutions can be displayed and set. Can control the optimum chopping time.
3. spindle rotation type Ⅰ 200/1800/3600 rev / min; Ⅱ type of conversion eight governor.
4. chopper chopped the pot with a gap of 1.0 ~ 1.5mm, ensuring chopping effect.
5. key components imported components, such as chopping knives, bearings, drives, programmable controllers, touch screen, electrical components.
Ⅱ type frequency control, which can save energy 30%.
◇ electrical box split installation, sealing, use waterproof electrical appliances.
◇ key parts machining center to ensure accuracy. Appearance of special treatment technology, beautiful appearance.
◇ machine cleverly designed, with good dynamic balance, low noise, small vibration
◇ Emerson or made in China, Hai Lipu converter (Danfoss). User selectable.
◇ Switzerland SKT front and rear bearings.
◇ man-machine interface display operation. (User selectable)
◇ Adopt Chinese high-end hydraulic system. (Sino-German joint technical)
① The machine is widely used in meat, vegetables, nuts, seafood and spices.
② turn pot for casting stainless steel, and a spill-proof pot along, effectively prevent the infiltration material phenomenon.
③ key parts machining center to ensure accuracy.
④ knives made of imported materials with a special processing technology, but also matching import tool.
⑤ spindle bearings imported dual tandem installation, to ensure a good group of knife shaft concentricity.

■ Specifications

Technical Parameters

Model ZB-220Ⅰ ZB-220Ⅱ
Production capacity 100-140kg(one time) 100-140kg(one time)
Volume 200L 200L
Rated Power 62.27kw 85.27kw
Chopper number 6the 6the
Chopper speed 200/1800/3600rpm 300~4200rpm
Chop pan speed 7.5/10(rpm )Or frequency control Frequency control of motor speed
Discharging disk speed 82(rpm)Or frequency control Frequency control of motor speed
Vacuum -80~-85Mpa -80~-85Mpa
Host size 2480×2080×1950mm 2480×2080×1950mm
Mounting Dimensions 4500×3500×3500mm 4500×3500×3500mm
Weight ≈4800kg ≈5000kg
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