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Fruits and vegetables machinery do you understand

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Fruits and vegetables machinery do you understand


Fruit and vegetable machinery and equipment not know if you understand it? Fruit bag machine, brush turn fruit

machine, shower the alkali machine, vegetables machine equipment, we have to introduce the role of

vegetables machine.

The vegetables machine imported stainless steel housing, high pressure jet washing, disinfection devices, the

water composition. Fruits and vegetables through the spray device high-pressure jet momentum generated

water, to turning rinse fruits and vegetables, water circulation system, rough cleaning and fine after-million water

vegetables machine wash process, the separation of impurities (sand, eggs) and degradation of residues, and

the raw material is not affected by the injury, so as to achieve efficient cleaning, labor-saving, water-saving,

sterilization, degradation of residues, decomposition of meat hormones in a washing vegetables, both strong,

but also water-saving 80%, the provincial 75%, saving 80% 100% peace of mind. Million water cleaning

vegetables machine clean and high artificial conventional wash more than three times.