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Small dumpling machine as much as such a function

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Small dumpling machine as much as such a function


1 small dumpling machine produced high breakage rate.

Guarantee the dumplings process requirements under the premise of modulation dough should be more water 

in order to improve the alpha the degree of starch in the dough,improve the taste and processing performance.

Traditional dumpling machine must use hard dough processing dough, or can not from the the surface pipe

extrusion cylindricaldough, add water to be controlled below 40%. The use of this machine dough, add water up

to 35% --- 50% breakage rate Forming cooking dumplings Popi, not muddy soup.

2 small dumpling machine energy-saving, high efficiency.

Compared with the same yield of the same type of traditional dumpling machine to save energy more than 75%,

can significantly reduce production costs. Can improve the efficiency of 7 times compared with handmade


3 small dumpling machine small size, light weight.

The structure is reasonable, small size; weight is one-third of the traditional dumpling machine of the same type.

4 small dumpling machine operation and maintenance simple and easy to change the filling.