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Nuts Processing Machine

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BELT Tunnel Oven

  • Capcity: 200kg/hour
  • Power: 22kw
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Ports: Qing Dao,Ning Bo
  • Size: 2100x730x2350mm
  • Payment: T/T,Western Union L/C

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  • Belt Type Drying Machine
  • dryer
  • dryer
  • dryer
  • dryer
■ Application and Features

Belt Type Drying Machine

1. Purpose and principle
Belt Type Continuous Drying Machine with electricity (microwave) heating (coal, gas, oil) as a heat source, using the principle of thermal radiation drying (baking) material, by circulating hot air and hot air blower to achieve material is heated evenly, effectively guarantee drying (baking) materials the quality, color and taste.

2 .Structure and Properties
Tunnel dryer by feeding component transfer belt, motor, transmission, circulating fan, body, electrical control boxes and other components, by regulating the speed, and set the temperature of the roast material, effectively ensure the best baking results and so on.

3.The main data of Belt Type Drying Machine
1, Dimension: according to customer set: single, three, five. Single: Long 6 * 1.2 * 1.6 m
2, the total power: heating power (22 ---) 30KW speed motor 4--1.1kw (see signs) circulating fan 0.55kw Voltage: 380V Frequency: 50HZ
3, electrically heated tube single power: 1.5kw Voltage: 220v air heating: 400 degrees with 20 per
4, circulating fan: 4--0.37kw 3 sets of voltage: 380V Frequency: 50HZ
5, mesh belt sprocket: Double pitch five minutes and 18 teeth (imperial units 1 minute = 3.175 mm 5 points = 15.875mm)

Bucket elevator

Product parameters
convey height:1900mm  Weight:180kg
Convey capacity :18cubic meter / hour(adjustable)
Bunker volume0.15 cubic meter
Voltage:220V 50HZ  Power:500W

■ Specifications

Belt Type Drying Machine

Type Model Capacity Size Motor
Belt tunnel oven HLDS-200 200kg/h 6000*1200*1500mm 30kw+1.1kw
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