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Paste dumpling Processing Machine

automatic dumpling making machine

  • Capcity:
  • Power: 0.55kw/220V
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Ports: Qing Dao
  • Size: 1100*500*1350mm
  • Payment: T/T Western Union L/C

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  • automatic dumpling making machine
■ Application and Features

dumplings forming characteristics, dual-control, two-way synchronization dosing principle, do not need another noodle production with just the dough with the filling into the specified entrance boot can automatically produce dumplings.

Filling volume, dough thickness adjustable at any time, the production of dumplings, thin filling full production speed, saving time and labor.
Simply changing the mold, you can create different shapes, the different specifications pasta food. Such as: the ordinary dumplings, lace dumplings Quartet dumplings, pot stickers, spring rolls, samosa, ravioli, etc.

Lose face and forming part of a special anti-bonding material Seiko manufacturing, small resistance, good shape, wear pressure, disassembly, easy to clean and durable.
This machine is suitable Dumpling House, food manufacturers, hotels, hotels, restaurants, organizations, canteens, schools, troops, frozen dumplings production, capable of producing a variety of meat, meat dishes mixed stuffing, vegetable stuffing and other kinds of stuffing dumplings

■ Specifications

Currypuff /dumpling making machine technical parameters:

model Model 80

Model 100

Model 120 Packet-fit
output 4800 piece/h 6000piece/h 7200 piece/h 5200 piece/h
Power / voltage 1.5kw/220V 2.2kw/220V 3kw/220V 0.55kw/220V
weight 110kg 150kg 160kg 160kg
Dimensions(mm) 650*450*800 950*500*950 990*470*1150 1100*500*1350
specification parameters:
Produced food Weight / piece piece/kg Size
Wonton dumplings 6-8g 166-124 40x20(mm)
Dumplings 8-10g 126-100 45x25(mm)
Dumplings 10-12g 100-84 50x28(mm)
Dumplings 12-14g 84-70 50x31(mm)
Dumplings 14-18g 70-56 60x35(mm)
Curry dumplings 15-17g 66-60 65X65(mm)
Conventional dumplings 15-20g 66-50 65x35(mm)
Fried dumpling dumplings 28-35g 36-30 90x45(mm)
Spring Rolls 50-60g 20-16 60x32(mm)
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