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Vegetable Fruit Processing Machine

Household fruit chips slices Food Dryer

  • Capcity: 20-30kg
  • Power: 0.5kw
  • Voltage: 220v/380v
  • Ports: Qing Dao,Ning Bo
  • Size: 45x34.5x31.5cm
  • Payment: T/T,Western Union L/C

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  • drying machine
  • drying machine
  • drying machine
  • drying machine
■ Application and Features

Introduction of Household food dryer

Household food dryer is widely used in food processing, such as purple yam , sweet potato , pumpkin slice , mango , apple , banana , data , pineapple , kiwi berry , strawberry , ginger , onion , carrot , garlic , ginseng , mushroom , red ginseng , honysuckle , etc

Working principle of Household food dryer

Bacterial yeasts and moulds need the water in the food to grow, and drying effectively prevents them from surviving in the flood. Flexible tray arrangement and transparent door EPT Enzyme Protection Technology to preserve nutrients in food. 6 Trays included with 1 mesh sheet (for drying smaller items such as blueberries or seeds which would normally drop through the trays) and 1 non-stick sheet. The 6 trays can be removed to allow for more space when drying larger ingredients, such as rising bread or yoghurt. The door traps of the vegetable dehydrator dryer airflow, rather than the trays so you can have as many or as little trays as you like in the machine at any one time.

Features and benefits of Household food dryer

1. Hot air circulation system, high efficiency, can dehydrate food rapidly.
2. Functional parts: Heating element, fan, timer, thermostat, trays, etc.
3. The industrial food dehydrator machine Apply to dry fruits, vegetables, meat, herbs, nuts, and other kinds of food.
4. Temperature control and timer function, set up temperature and timer in accordance with different kinds of food.
5. This vegetable dehydrator dryer adjustable temperature: 35~70 degrees or 95-158F
6. Easy operation and cleaning, High energy efficiency,Food nutrients retained
7. Forced hot air convection,Uniform heat, equally to every tray
8. With air circulating fan, forced hot air convection provides uniform heat that hits all trays evenly; heat blows from back to front at an even temperature

■ Specifications

Teachnical parameter of Household food dryer

Modol:12 layers;8 layers;6 layers

Food Preparing Condition after drying Time Tempreture
Kiwifruit Slice it to round piece by 1cm thickness hard 8 70
Mango Cut it to piecs by 1cm thickness hard 8 70
Pine apple(fresh) Peel it and slice into hard 6 70
Strawberry slice it to piece by 1cm thickness hard 8~10 70
Banana Peel it and slice to round pieces(5mm thickness) hard 9 58
Longan take out the pit and heart hard 8 58
Pitaya fruit peel it and slice to 3mm thickness hard 7 58
Mulberry all piece hard 16 70
Grapes all piece hard 40 70
Apple slice it into round pieces or segments by 4mm thickness hard 7 58
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