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Animial Feed Processing Machine

organic fertilizer granulator machine

  • Capcity: 1t/h
  • Power: 11kw
  • Voltage:
  • Ports: Qing Dao
  • Size: 1.2*1.1*1.6m
  • Payment: T/T Western Union L/C

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  • stainless steel material Feed pellet production line(on truck) with motor
■ Application and Features

Detailed introduction of the production line of the animal feedstuff
The diagram of the processing line

1.hammer mill

This machine is suitable for grinding crop, food, grass, straw, potato, feed, etc. It is a portable, multipurpose, new-type crusher. According to the different specification of sifter mesh, you can process different materials.
the machine is used for grinding the straw .maize and wood branch, etc.

Main technical parameters:


Model Motor Capacity Weight Size
9fq-60 11kw 1t/h 180kg 1.2*1.1*1.6m

2. Screw Mixer

This type mixer, cover an area of an area small, has the features of convenient operation, simple maintenance, uniformity make, remain small, seal, and, no vibration, and little dust. It can be applicable to the internal and external insulation dry mortar, paint and chemical, veterinary medicine, pharmaceutical and other small and medium enterprise hybrid production,its advantage is mixed with high efficiency, hybrid of good quality, unloading rapidly, less remain.


date model

Type of construction power (kw) Reduction gears output (kg/h) Shape dimension (mm) weight (kg)

effective volume(m3)

mixing uniformity(CV%)

500 O/U 5.5-7.5 XW5-59/87 1000-2000kg/h 3177*948*1980 700 1


3.Spiral hoist

Convey the mixing evenly feed particles from the blender to hopper; make the integration of production come true. Convey the material to mixing machine, save work and energy saving.
Motor power: 1.1 KW
Material barrel diameter of the hoist: 160mm
Length of the hoist: 2.2 m
Note: we can produce this machine according to customer requirements.

4.Stainless steel Ring die Feed pellet machine

The Animal Feed Pellet Machine can make fodders for different kinds of animal, applicable for pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, fish, rabbit,cattle and sheep and other livestock-breeding, so as to reduce loss of nutrition, advance the protein content. So the fodder can be digested easier by animals.
Main specification:


model Power Diameter of the die Pellet diameter Capacity kg/h Weight kg
SZLH-25P 22 kw 250 mm の2-の6 mm 1000-1500 600

5. Bucket elevator

This bucket elevator is mainly used for the elevate materials such as powder, granulated, and small lump low grinding ct materials, such as coal, cement, sand, fertilizers, food, etc.
It has the features of large capacity, high speed of hoisting height, smooth and reliable operation, long service life.
Motor power: 3-4 KW
Line speed:1.1 m/s
Capacity: 2-2.8 t/h
Weight: 170kg

6.Counter-current cooler

The machine is the most advanced international fusion new cooling technology developed by an efficient cooling equipment replacement, this machine large output, cooling effect, low energy consumption, high automation degree, low noise, less maintenance, is the current domestic wide application of the new models. After cooling of the particles of indoor temperature above 3-5 degrees, precipitation rate no lower than 3%-5%, extend the grain storage time, improve the quality of the granular feed, cooling romantic and granular materials relative flow to make the granular feed downstream gradually cooling, cooling effect is good, the machine is mainly used in the granulation, puffing after high temperature aggregates cooling. Basically has the following feature:
The counter-current type cooling principle, particle cooling fully, uniform;
Adopt unique rotary piston discharging institutions discharging;
Rotary piston discharging institutions smooth operation and reliable, discharging and fluent;
After cooling temperature is not higher than the particles room temperature + 3-5 degrees.


Model Cooling volum (m3) Output (t/h) Cooling time(min) aspirating capacity(m3/mim Motor (kw) Feeding motor (kw) Weight
SKLN1.0 1 0.5t-1t/h


30-34 0.75 0.37 250kg

The specifications of the motor:


Name Power Speed
Hammer mill 11kw 1460 r/min
Screw mixer 5.5-7.5kw 1440r/min
Hoist 1.1kw 1400r/min
S.S ring die pellet machine 22kw 1470r/min
Bucket elevator 3-4kw 1430-1440r/min
Counter-current cooler 0.75kw 1390r/min


Commodity and Specifications Quantity
Hammer disk 24
Belt 3

· connecting shaft


· shock absorber ring


· Screw


· Pallet

Roller 1
■ Specifications


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