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Meat Processing Machine

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Meat Vacuum Tumbler GR1200

  • Capcity: 500-700(kg/hour)
  • Power: 3.3(kw)
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Ports: main ports of China
  • Size: 2000×1500×1800(mm)
  • Payment: T/T,L/C,Western Union,MoneyGram, other

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  • Meat Vacuum Tumbler GR1200
  • Meat Vacuum Tumbler
  • Meat Vacuum Tumbler
  • Meat Vacuum Tumbler
■ Application and Features

Description Meat Vacuum Tumbler GR1200

vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler is using the principle of physical impact in the vacuum state to processing meat and other food.

is using the principle of physical impact in the vacuum state ,so that the material in the drum up and down flip, hit each other, beat, to massage, pickled role.

Introduction of Meat Vacuum Tumbler GR1200

Vacuum tumbler is the equipment based on the physical impact principle under vacuum state. Meat in the rolling. Drum is impacted up and down to as to realize massaging and marinating. With the abundant saline absorption, the meat structure and water-holding are strengthened; the taste and product rate are greatly improved.

This vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler is made of quality stainless steel; reasonable structure, continuous running, low noises, reliable performance, easy operation and high efficiency.

Features of Meat Vacuum Tumbler GR1200

  1. 1.Meat Vacuum Tumbler GR1200 is a new generation developed based on the basis of our traditional vacuum tumbler, Type I is electric-mechanical control and Type II is PLC&HMI control. The vacuum sealed tumbler is made of quality stainless steel; reasonable structure, durable construction, stable operating, failure-free vacuum and filter, energy saving, high efficiency and simple to use.
  2. 8 frequency converted tumbling speeds, from 4rpm to 11rpm. 10 different tumbling modes. 100 tumbling recipes can be created and stored.
  3. 2.This vacuum tumbler total time, forward tumbling time, reverse tumbling time, interval time and circulation types can be set up.
  4. 3.The central opening vacuum sealed tumbler adopts triangular-vane in the drum; the undefined opening tumbler and GR-4600 adopt single-vane. Eccentric opening tumbler can increase capacity by about 20%.
  5. 4.The application of frequency conversion can save energy by nearly 30%. Automatic loading port and reverse rolling discharging with this vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler

Advantage of Meat Vacuum Tumbler GR1200

  1. Breathing tumbling when the raw material in a vacuum and atmospheric pressure state alternately, can shorten the tumbling time effectively.
  2. The vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler has a paddle-shaped design, easy to clean material does not exist, the requirements for a variety of products, such as poultry, fish, pork, beef.
  3. Both ends of the cylinder spinning closure cap welded structure, an increase of beating space and ensure the barrel is not deformed at a higher degree of vacuum
  4. Lower the rack for easy access to materials, smooth running
  5. Drive motor and vacuum pumps and other critical components are well-known brands, low noise, stable performance, low failure rate.
  6. With a vacuum suction port, feeding convenient, easy to operate;
  7. vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler can be equipped with feeder, reduce the intensity of workers, improve the production efficiency;
  8. Machine stainless steel, easy to operate, reliable performance, the use of high efficiency;

■ Specifications

Technical parameter of  Meat Vacuum Tumbler GR1200

Type GR500 GR1200 GR1600 GR2200 GR3500 GR4600
Capacity(kg/time) 200-300 500-700 800-1000 1000-1200 1800-2000 2500-3000
Drum volume(L) 500 1200 1600 2200 3500 4600
Power(KW) 1.45 3.3 4.1 6.2 9.5 11.5
Rotation speed(r/min) 7 7 7 7 frequency 4-10 frequency 4-10
Weight(kg) 380 800 1000 1200 1800 2500
Dimension(mm) 1450×1150×1600 2000×1500×1800 2100×1800×2000 2200×1800×1900 3000×1580×2200 3300×1650×2000
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