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Nuts Processing Machine

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Cashew nut Steaming machine

  • Capcity:
  • Power: 12+12kw
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Ports: Qing Dao
  • Size: 1540*650*1500mm
  • Payment: T/T Western Union L/C

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  • Cashew nut Steaming machine
■ Application and Features


Cashew nut Steaming machine operating

The workers must check up supply voltage match with nameplate trivia voltage, install the leakage protection switch, the machine must firmly link with the protective earthing line which meet the safety requirements. (Strictly prohibit to link with water pipe and gas pipe line)

The first time we use the machine, link the inlet tube firmly( check the top and bottom of the machine, to keep the inlet tube, air inlet and the pressure relief valve unobstructed), check the float valve inflow regularly and the water valve keep open. Then put the pcs steel tray into the shelf to have the high-temperature steam sterilization, after 30minutes, we can begin to steam food.

Use Electric heating to steam food:
Steam food: get through the water and power source, after water tank full of water, the machine need preheat, when the water in the tank boiling and generate the vapour, we need cut off the power knife, then open the lock alowly, let the high temperature steam in the cabinet relief, then put the food in to the cabinet, close the machine door to continue the electric heating.

Pressure-relief and get the food out: 
When the food cooked, shut the power source/the steam values(if the food need braise, you can keep it in the cabinet for several minutes). When you take the food out from the cabinet, you have to avoid to face the cabinet and the carck,, far away from the cabinet, open the lock and let the high temperature steam in the cabinet relief, then take the food out.(when you take the food, you had better put on the furnace gloves or use the gripper to avoid the scald.

Note and maintenance
The electric heating pipe can not lack of water.
If the machine has the incrustation, you can inject 5% citric acid in the waterv tank, heating and boiling 15minutes, soak for 1hour, the boiling 15minutes, it will be clean the incrustation.
Every time, after the machine finished working, the worker must cut off the power sources of the cabinet.
If the machine break down., please do not tear down by yourself, you have to invite the engineer to maintenance.



■ Specifications

Technical parameters: suitable for cooking all kind of nuts,meat, fish and rice ect.

Name  Model  voltage (V) Power (KW) Size (mm)
Double ;door ;24plate RS-24 380 12+12 1540*650*1500
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