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Nuts Processing Machine

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high quality henan ink jet print date machine

  • Capcity:
  • Power:
  • Voltage: 220v
  • Ports: shanghai,ningbo
  • Size: 28*59*44cm
  • Payment: L/C,west union

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  • automatic ink jet printer
  • automatic ink jet printer
  • automatic ink jet printer
  • automatic ink jet printer
■ Application and Features

The application and features of the ink jet print

1. spray printing precision: 200 DPI
2. spray print fonts: high-definition spray print fonts (namely printing style)
3. Chinese word stock: national standard level 1 and level 2 Chinese character library (total
more than 6000), seven font (song typeface, regular script, hollow body, blackbody, cloud body, new song typeface, lattice word) for your choice, pinyin input method.
4. spray print graphics: can be sprayed all kinds of trademark design, graphic transmission from length-width ratio and length of any restriction.
5. number of rows level: A180 - F (one to two line machine), A180 - F (1 to 15 line machine)
6. character height: can be sprayed printed 1 mm ~ 18 mm word high font (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18 mm)
7. spray print distance: nozzle is about 5-10 mm from spray object
8. automatic spray printing: date, time, batch number, class and serial number, etc
9. storage information: can store 100 message, 100 pattern
10. information length: each message can be up to 200 characters
11. serial number of running water : 1-8 variable serial number
12. spray printing speed: amount to 34 m/minutes, and spray printing speed don’t change with the increase of row numbers
13 ink color: black, red, white.
14. spray print direction: nozzle can rotate; Adjustable forward, backward, vertical downward; Procedures can be adjusted up and down the reverse, turn around
15. spray printing material: metal, plastic, wood, aluminum foil, cartons and building materials, and other material surface
16. suitable products: such as mobile phone screen, beverage bottle cap, food outer packaging bags, medicine boxes, window of model steel door, aluminum alloy, battery, plastic pipe, steel plate, circuit boards, chip, woven bag, eggs, brake pads, mobile phone shell, cartons, motors, transformers, water meter inside dish, gypsum board, PCB circuit boards, explosive outer packing, etc
17. use ink: quick dry environmental printing ink or oily ink, without external air and thinner
18. external interface: USB, synchronizer, light magic eye, data line
19. Machine size: 34.7 x22x 10 cm  packaging size : 28*59*44cm
20. Machine support: is adjustable 50-75 cm up and down , and adjust slightly fornt and back.
21. power supply parameters: AC 220 v
22. system power consumption: the average power consumption less than 100 w
23. operational environment: temperature 0 ℃ to 40 ℃; Humidity 40% - 70%
24. status display: spray printing, synchronizer, light magic eye normal light display

■ Specifications

The specification of the ink jet prit

●Within main engine owns four font (song typeface, hollowbody, blackbody, lattice word), four font can be mixed layout, if you need other font, you can also through the computer transmit.
●This machine is divided into multiple lines machine and two lines machine, Multi-lines machine can be sprayed one to fifteen line English Numbers, one to eight line characters, size of word can spray.
●light magic eye, synchronizer, spray print state light display.
●flash spray function, long time standby state, nozzle is not blockage.
●You can input random length graphic, no fixed proportion graphic input limit.
●The machine no computer can edit spray print information, humanized appearance design, fool type operation.
●have USB interface, available for computer access transmission design trademark, etc.
●Main engine ink road close 2 for one, save the space of the installation of the equipment.
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