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Nuts Processing Machine

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full automatic HLB4-420C1-24C packing machine

  • Capcity: 30-90 Bags/min 30-800ml/bag
  • Power: 1.8kw
  • Voltage: 220v/380v
  • Ports: Qing Dao,Ning Bo
  • Size: 1250x900x2100 mm
  • Payment: T/T,Western Union L/C

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  • filling machine
  • filling machine
■ Application and Features

full automatic HLB4-420C1-24C packing machine

Introduction of full automatic packing machine

Application:This power sealing machine is suitable for milk powder, soybean milk powder, sesame paste powder, lotus root starch, dye toner, seasoning powder,medicine powder, etc. automatic weighing package.

Performence:Adopts horizontal screw propulsion blanking method, in packing process can directly adjust weight, adjustment process without downtime, improve work efficiency. Optional equipped with stirring, code printer, inflatable, exhaust, dust collection device, etc

Working principle of full automatic packing machine

The filling machine consists of the frame, tube storage box, tube conveyor, pneumatic weighing package, automatic powder-arrangement and powder-on device, auto podwer-pressing device, hydraulic system and control system. Normally it deliver the tube in horizontally, single head fill the tube synchronously, intermittent shift working mode. Its main functions are automatic the tube delivery, automatic quantitative synchronous packing, automatically breaking wires after filling, automatically podwer-arranging, automatically detection and automatic code printing machine

Advantages of full automatic packing machine


This full automatic packing machine is equipped with a dual CPU microcomputer control system, English display, humanized operation interface, the cursor automatically detect tracking, easy operation. With high-precision stepping motor, ensure the accuracy of cutting position on each packing bag.

1). This powder sealing machinecan finish all these work automatically: measuring—making bag—coding (option)—filling—gas injection(option)—sealing-counting.

2). Photoelectric tracking system can be provided without your specific requirements, which can cut the bags at correct position automatically.

3). Has fault display system,easy to operate and maintain

4). PLC control system, color touch screen. which has the advantages such as setting the length of the bag, packing speed, etc.

5). The body of 
full automatic packing machine is made by stainless steel 304

6). Make hole punching blade,date printer and the other device after customer’s special request.

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■ Specifications

 Technical parameters of full automatic HLB4-420C1-24C packing machine




30-90 Bags/min 30-800ml/bag

Packing film size

L: 30-300mm, W: 40-380mm


1250x900x2100 mm






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