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Nuts Processing Machine

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wet type peanut peeling machine/peanut red skin peeling machine

  • Capcity: 200kg/h
  • Power: 1.1kw
  • Voltage: 220v/380v
  • Ports: Qing Dao
  • Size: 1180*850*1100mm
  • Payment: T/T Western Union L/C

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  • peanut peeling machine
■ Application and Features

Wet type Peanut peeling machine for peanut red skin adopts roller rub peeling,it is stable performance, long service life, high productivity, good effect and good quality after peeling, low rate of broken grain etc.

description of Advanced peeling machine for almond

Wet peeling machine is used for off peanuts, almonds, soybeans, beans, green beans, professional equipment. It is widely used in the production of fried peanuts, broad beans, almond dew, peanuts, peanut cakes, peanut sugar, peanut milk (milk), peanut and asbestos, sauce peanuts and cans The The machine is unique in the peeling rate is high, peeling after peanuts, almonds, soybeans, beans are not broken, color white, protein invariance. Peeling at the same time, skin, rice automatically separated. In addition, the machine has a small size, low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy to operate and so on.

the working principle of

Advanced peeling machine for almond

NUts wet peeling machine - the soaked nuts added to the machine hopper, the feed screen into the peeling rubber tire, and in the rotation at the same time to remove the skin friction, while the skin and benevolence separated.

Third, the apron gap adjustment: peeling rubber ring outer ring has three were divided into three fixed galvanized galvanized roller, to drive the apron rotation, as the power roller. Power roller with a wheel on both sides of the clamping ring, adjust the peeling gap is large, the two sides of the clamping ring to open the outside adjustment, the gap evenly larger in the fixed. Adjust the peeling gap hours, the two sides of the clamping ring to relax in the adjustment, the gap evenly into the tight in the fixed small. According to the size of the appropriate size of nuts to adjust the gap, to achieve the ideal peeling effect.

Put the hot water soaked almond to the feeding funnel of this machine, the rubber rings rub to peel the almond, then the peeled almond will be discharged without the skin. It’s mainly used in the previous processing of canned almond,almond dish,almond drink and almond dew,etc.

Technical parameter of of

Advanced peeling machine for almond

Model HLP——100
Power 0.55kw
Peeling rate 94%—98%
Capacity 120—150kg/h
Whole 90—95%
Broken 2—3%
Machine size 1180*720*1100mm

Advanced peeling machine for almondAdvanced peeling machine for almondAdvanced peeling machine for almondAdvanced peeling machine for almond

Advanced peeling machine for almondAdvanced peeling machine for almond

■ Specifications
Model Output Power Weight Overall dimension
HTP-150 150kg/h 0.75kw 202 kg 1180*720*1100mm
HTP-200 200kg/h 1.1kw 250 kg 1180*850*1100mm
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