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Paste dumpling Processing Machine

WF-18 noodle machine

  • Capcity: 60-80kg/h
  • Power: 2.2KW
  • Voltage: 220v
  • Ports: Ningbo / Qingdao
  • Size: 1200*600*1200mm
  • Payment: T/T,L/C,Western Union,MoneyGram, other

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  • noodle machine
  • noodle machine
  • noodle machine
  • noodle machine
  • WF-18 rice noodle machine
■ Application and Features


Our factory as the development and production of refined noodle machine, is the production of high quality fans special equipment, the advanced production technology, the equipment has high mechanization and automation level.

Insulation from the familiar type noodle machine, automatic crowded silk machine is our new developed fans production equipment, the machine has altered the fans machine many drawbacks, powder curing degree is high, has realized automatic feeding, greatly reduce the labor intensity, make the product quality have been improved significantly. Automatic control, its product appearance even, straight, luster bright white, glittering and translucent, long cook do not paste soup, and constantly bar is smooth, al dente out high output, a every 1 hour to the 300 kg.

Structure and working principle

This machine is mainly structure by variable speed system, curing screw components, crowded wire components until the constitution of mechanism, the use of the machine can reach in the province, the work less, convenient operation, and the economic benefit is good, is the ideal of specialized households ducting, food processing machinery. This machine adopts the high quality material, the latest enclosed gear reducer, dynamic light, machines, long life, high output, quality is reliable, long-term supply accessories, agent consignments. To plant purchase can face to face trial, be responsible for training, operating personnel and the teaching process.

HYMX-100 rice noodle machine 
1.The machine cannot crush and boil rice, a machine can produce rice noodle, you do not need to purchase grinder , mixer, also does not use the salary earner, it will save cost for you , operation is simple.
2.Only needed two bottles of boiling water to circulate nside when starting ,it only needed two minute time, but other rice-flour noodles machine starting must heat up 15 minutes
3.This machine was the completely automatic feeding, avoided not ripe hyperpyrexia, therefore used to be very convenient, saved the time and save the manpower.
4.Output is quite higher.1 kg rice can produce 3 kg rice noodle .


■ Specifications

Structure and working principle product parameters

Model WF-18


300-400 kg/h


22.5 kw

Belt wheel

¢180 B-4
Size 1000×690×1300mm


480 kg



Change the handpiece can make starch,just like:Corn starch, wheat starch, wheat starch, tapioca starch, pea starch, potato starch, etc.
Model HYMX-100
Capacity 100-120KG/H
Power 7.5kw
Diesel 15 HP
triangle belt B 9127 MM 3





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