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Vegetable Fruit Processing Machine

Agriculture Industrial Food Rotary Drum Washing Flexible Packaging Bag Cleaning Machine

  • Capcity: 500-800KG
  • Power: 15.7KW(Electric heating)
  • Voltage: 220v/380v
  • Ports: Qingdao/Ningbo
  • Size: 3500*1100*1600mm
  • Payment: T/T,L/C,Western Union,MoneyGram, other

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  • Cashew Rotary Drum Washing
  • Cashew Rotary Drum Washing
■ Application and Features

 Introduction :

Flexible packaging cleaning air drying line series products, is my company in recent years according to market demand research and development of a high-efficiency clean drying equipment. This product is mainly used for the continuous cleaning and air-drying of oil stains and dirt on the surface of high and low temperature products after sterilization, in the later stage, the drying process can be carried out by strong flow water air-drying equipment. The air-drying equipment is equipped with a number of high-power fans. The net belt is operated by a reversible net belt, which can dry the residual water on both sides of the product, and the Special Air Duct makes the blowing surface reach the maximum air volume per unit area, vertical adjustable air duct height, no dead angle, suitable for different specifications of products. In addition, according to different products and production equipment used alone, but also can match the use of its characteristics is clean, high efficiency, adjustable speed operation. The equipment can be customized, directly into the packing line to realize the production of water.

Work Flow:

 Lifting Material → roller brush spray cleaning → bubble wave cleaning → high pressure spray → vibration water removal → strong flow air drying water removal → conveying and packing line



■ Specifications



Size (mm)


Power/voltage (Kw/V)





3.7KW(Steam heating)





15.7KW(Electric heating)



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