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animal feed makiing machine

Granule feedstuffs cooling time in the cooler, is voluntary controlled by the two material level editor of the cooler, when the granule feedstuff accumulates to upper material level device of the cooler ,material discharging system began to work, and discharging system automatically shut off when the granule feedstuff down onto the lower material level device, such circulation
work, the cooling of the granule feedstuff through cooler, then grading sieve below the cooler sends the debris materials which does not conform to requirements and below the filter ,back to be granulated again, making full use of the materials.

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the Counter-current type cooler scatters granule feedstuffs lifted by the screw conveyor sprinkling down into cooling box through closed wind implement and rhombus scatter machine, then by dust cyclone fan put granulating machine production comes
out temperatures as high as 70-90 degrees, moisture 14% -16% of granule feedstuff, cooled to slightly higher than room temperature, moisture below under national required safety moisture. After cooling, it increases the hardness of granule feedstuffs and can prevent mildew, which facilitates granule feedstuff transportation and storage.


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