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cutter machine for vegetables

Application of fruit and vegetable cutting machine:
The machine is mainly used to cut round fruits and vegetables. It is first sliced by centrifugation, and then sent to the round knife group to shred through the conveyor belt, completing the operation at one time.The processing output is high, the thickness is uniform, the wire is long, there is little broken, no pollution, and it meets the sanitary requirements. The length and width can be adjusted arbitrarily.This machine is easy to operate with a high output and good performance. It is adjustable to cut potato into slice and strip. This machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy; it is the most advanced cleaning and cutting equipment in China.multi-function chopping machine is manual cutting simulation principle, using three speed to 1-25mm need to shred. The “centrifugal slicing mechanism” completes all kinds of hard dish slices, which are automatically conveyed to the shreds or cut blocks under the vertical knife. Different cutting tools can be cut to slice, block, silk, Ding, rhombus and curvilinear forms

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Suitable for central kitchen practitioners, canning plants, refrigeration plants, dry food processing plants, agricultural and by-products workers and school canteen sits.


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