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vegetable cuutter machine1

Vegetable strips cutter machine is a double-heads automatic working type, heads can be used both or independently. One side is for cutting leaf vegetables and long strips, one side is for chipping root and stem vegetables or fruit.The machine is made of imported high quality stainless steel, fast change blade, meet different specification cutting demands. Frequency conversion control, cutting speed, conveying belt speed is adjustable.Outlet port micro switch design, safe and reliable.

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machine Features:

1. Double frequency conversion speed control, simple, convenient and safe operation

2. One head for root rhizome vegetable, the other head for leaf vegetable, head can be used both or independently

3. Easy to change cutter and clean. Be equipped with automatic power off protection device ensure worker¡¯s safe.

4. Cutting size can be adjusted convenient and fast, three sets of slice blade, cube blade, strip blade are equipped at random.


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