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Three phase dry type transformer is an electrical equipment that switches voltage between windings by use of electromagnetic induction.This product adopts excellent material and designs properly, featuring in stable and sound performance, long lifetime, high cost-effectiveness. It could work continuously for a long time, thus is widely used in industrial areas.

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This one listed here is a 80KVA three phase dry type transformer. It’s a type developed relatively early, with an old-style enclosure and design. However, its performance is the same as new-style ones with new design of enclosure. The rated capacity of this product is 80KVA. The input and output voltage can be customized according to your requirements. Common voltage ratio could be 380V/220V, 380V/200V, 440V/380V, 415V/380V, 380V/380V, 380V/208V, 690V/380V, 660V/380V, and 1140V/380V. We normally have spot goods with these common voltage ratio.


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