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2kg is very suitable for home or small coffee shop to use .The whole machine adopts
lasercutting technology. Using welding process to fix the whole frame.It is more solid and stable than using ordinary screw to fix,and not easy to loose parts or structural deformation.The baking
machine can be connected with the computer, to achieve the output of baking curve,bring more
accurate operation for your baking. Baking capacity from 0.5kg to
2.5kg all can be bake out of the taste you want.

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1.Core technology inner pot, special high temperature steel, in line with food hygiene standards 2.Sampling observation and visual
observation are used together, baking can be controlled at any time Automatic ignition,3.intelligent warning, safe and reliable.
4.Professional grate design, even firepower, can bake as needed
5.Continuous baking operations throughout the day, reliable quality.


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