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peanut crushing machine

Structural principle:
The new chopper is based on the original chopper. The material is fed from the conveyor belt so that the material to be cut can be evenly scattered in the hopper, which is conducive to uniform cutting. The rough cutting of the upper knife is used, and the grading screen is adopted. The qualified particle size materials are directly discharged and unqualified. The granular material is then finely cut by the next knife to avoid repeated cutting of the qualified material to the lower cutter to reduce the consumption of material and oil. The gap between cutters can be adjusted to facilitate the cutting out of different specifications of materials.

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Crushing machine HLC-400 Capacity 400kg/h
voltage 380V
power 0.75*2KW
frequency 50HZ
Machine size 1.6*0.8*1.5M
weight 300KG


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