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belt tyre roasting machine

With electricity (microwave) heating (coal, gas, oil) as a heat source, using the principle of thermal radiation drying (baking) material, by circulating hot air and hot air blower to achieve material is heated evenly, effectively guarantee drying (baking) materials the quality, color and taste. By feeding component transfer belt, motor, transmission, circulating fan, body, electrical
control boxes and other components, by regulating the speed, and set the temperature of the roast material, effectively ensure the best baking results and so on.

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It is mainly used to roast various kinds of seed, nuts, such like Peanut, Cocoa Beans, Almond, Sesame, Broad Beans, etc. Machine adopts rotary drum design. It¡¯s easy to operate, with character of energy-saving, safety and effective.


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