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cherry pitting machine

Product usage: Cherry / Cerasus humilis enucleation
Applicable scope: canned food factory, fruit shop, fruit processing factory and etc.

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1. The appearance and frame of the equipment are made of 304 stainless steel. Transmission parts, bearings, reducers, motors, etc. are made of carbon steel.
2. The drum is designed with a unique aluminum tube. Corrosion-resistant, not easy to deform and damage.
3. The denuclearization rate is 99.99%.
4. The rubber pad on the roller is white rubber. It is divided into three sizes: large, medium and small, and each device needs 750 rubber pads.
5. Equipped with unique pit separation equipment to ensure the perfect and automatic separation of fruits and pits. Save labor.
6. The drum-type denuclearizer has changed the disadvantages of the previous denuclearizer, such as large footprint, low work efficiency, and low denucleation rate. It saves floor space, de-nuclearization is fast, and the efficiency is high.


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