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fruit vegetables sorting machine

Applicable objects: fruit farmers, self-employed, growers, fruit and vegetable cooperatives, fruit and vegetable size sorting grading processing plants.

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The roller type fruit and vegetable grading machine makes the fruits and vegetables circulate forward through the rotation of the roller conveyor belt, and the fruits and vegetables can be classified from small to large by adjusting and setting the distance between the rollers and the rollers. The requirements are set freely. The fruit processed by the fruit and vegetable grading machine has bright luster, uniform size and beautiful appearance, which improves the grade of the fruit, increases the added value of the fruit, and improves the economic benefit of the fruit. In this way, bid farewell to the era of traditional manual sorting, replace manual labor with machines, continuously improve work efficiency, and promote the transformation of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture. It is a good helper for modern agriculture and fruit farmers to get rich.


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